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13 May 2024

Two children who were receiving care in MSF's intensive care unit at Babiker Nahar Paediatric Hospital died after an airstrike on 11 May led to a roof collapse. MSF calls on all warring parties to protect civilians and ensure the protection of health structures, as they are obligated to do under International Humanitarian Law. 

10 May 2024

In one of the worst humanitarian crises the world has seen in decades, Sudan is facing a colossal, man-made catastrophe. 

09 May 2024

The surge in conflict in Port-au-Prince has deeply affected the community and seriously disrupted the healthcare system, which is struggling to remain functional.

06 May 2024

Navigating mental health issues amid the seemingly never-ending war in Ukraine remains a challenge.

More than two years on from the escalation of war, teams from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) continue to assist patients on the frontlines, with MSF psychologists delivering psychological support tailored to patients' needs.

07 May 2024

An offensive on Rafah will be catastrophic for the estimated more than one million people currently crammed in Gaza’s southernmost governorate.

Zamzam camp
02 Mar 2024

In response to the escalating fighting in North Darfur, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has treated over 100 war wounded patients – including 11 children, many with gunshot wounds – at South Hospital, El Fasher, over the past two weeks, but is simultaneously scaling-up its response to the major malnutrition crisis in Zamzam camp, where the situation is becoming even more critical. 

Al Hol

In the face of a severe lack of funding, the vital World Health Organization (WHO)-funded medical referrals system from 11 camps in Northeast Syria, including Al Hol camp, has ceased.

26 Apr 2024

After over six months of relentless war, Gaza’s healthcare workers have had to face unprecedented challenges to provide medical assistance to thousands of people, while trying to survive and manage the toll the war has taken on them personally. 

15 Apr 2024

The crisis in Sudan is one of the worst the world has seen in decades, with more than 25 million people in dire need of humanitarian assistance—but the global response is a drop in the ocean. 

08 Apr 2024

As of February 2024, close to 190,000 people have been displaced in Kassala state alone, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive humanitarian assistance. Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) planned a 10-week program to provide targeted medical and humanitarian aid in response to the acute emergency.