Invest. Test. Treat.

In order to go where others can't, we need to be innovative

In the first decade of the 21st century a new modular hospital kit was tested and developed in emergency settings. The kits enable our teams to create an entire field hospital inside inflatable tents. 
These innovative structures have been used to treat patients in the aftermath of natural disasters in countries like Haiti, Philippines and Nepal, and in war zones in countries like Yemen and Syria.
The tents are called 'inflatable' because they are made up of arches, which once inflated create the structure of the building. Made of weather-proof material this structure is quick and easy to set up and light for transportation. 
If it is used as a hospital ward, one tent can provide between 16 and 20 beds. And when it is transformed into a surgical unit, it can house two operating theatres and a recovery room.
Innovation and new technology like inflatable hospitals allow us to go where others can't and provide expert medical care to people in need.