What we are witnessing in Gaza is catastrophic. Thousands of men, women and children have been killed in Israel and Palestine. Hospitals and clinics are at breaking point. They’re overwhelmed and barely functioning.

The bombing right now in Gaza is relentless and has turned a chronic humanitarian crisis into a catastrophe.

People have been killed while forced to move, looking for safety. More than 2 million people are trapped, unable to escape, with absolutely nowhere safe to go. They’re deprived of essential needs – water, food, protected shelter, medicines. 

The evacuation orders forced more than 1 million people to move to the south of the Gaza strip with just a couple hours notice. However those who are critically ill risk their lives either by moving, or by staying behind, in both cases perhaps condemned to die without treatment.

Hospitals and clinics have been attacked. The healthcare facilities that are running are overwhelmed and are barely functioning. They are running out of electricity and medical supplies.

Without electricity, many patients will die – especially those in intensive care, neonatology and on respiratory support machines.

Guilleme Thomas
MSF medical coordinator for Palestine

Remains of buildings in Gaza © Mohammed Baba

MSF is calling for an immediate cessation to the indiscriminate bloodshed, the establishment of safe spaces and safe passages for people to reach them as a matter of urgency. We are calling on all parties to ensure the safety of civilians and medical facilities.

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