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Hospitals in Sudan are overstretched, and running out of supplies, water, electricity and fuel for generators.

As of Friday 28 April, Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF), received 410 wounded people at South Hospital – the hospital we support in El Fasher. There have been 55 deaths.

Staff are exhausted and working non-stop, while off duty medical staff are unable to reach medical facilities due to intense fighting and insecurity.

Many people cannot reach the health facilities that are functioning due to the ongoing violence and fears for their safety. In some areas, the proximity to violence has caused hospitals to close.

As the situation evolves, we continue to work on ways we can support local health systems and provide direct medical care to those affected by the conflict, and take all measures possible to ensure the safety of our teams.

“The situation is catastrophic. The majority of the wounded are civilians who were hit by stray bullets, and many of them are children. They have fractures caused by bullets, or they have gunshot wounds or shrapnel in their legs, their abdomen or their chest.

There are so many patients that they are being treated on the floor in the corridors because there simply aren’t enough beds.”

Cyrus Paye
MSF project coordinator in Sudan

Please donate today to support our urgent work on the ground.