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COVID-19 is placing a significant burden on Somalia’s fragile healthcare system, and some routine activities, such as immunisation and nutrition programs are being affected. We have reduced some non-essential activities to focus on the most immediate, lifesaving activities, in anticipation of reduced staff and supplies during the crisis. 

At our medical activities in Las Anod, Galkayo and Baidoa, we have set up infection prevention and control and COVID-19-specific trainings to protect our frontline staff. We are increasing health promotion activities and providing technical advice and logistical support to set up isolation structures.

In Hargeisa in the region of Somaliland, as part of a task force composed of different NGOs, we are providing support to the local Ministry of Health to establish a COVID-19 centre. Our support has included donations of infection prevention and control materials and the training of Emergency Room staff and ambulance drivers.


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Right now, Médecins Sans Frontières is providing much needed support and medical care in over 30 countries to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our teams are also gearing up to confront potential outbreaks in the hundreds of areas we were already working before the pandemic struck. We are deploying medical staff, sending supplies and applying nearly 50 years of experience fighting epidemics to protect the most vulnerable and save lives.
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In August 2013, after a series of violent attacks on MSF staff took place with the tacit acceptance – or active complicity – of armed groups and civilian authorities, Médecins Sans Frontières closed all of its projects in Somalia after 22 years of continuous operations. After an absence of four years, MSF started treating patients in Somalia again in 2017.

Access to food, water, sanitation, health services and shelter is irregular and insufficient. Attacks, bombs and targeted assassinations remain frequent. Children are suffering particularly and there is an urgent need for preventive activities such as vaccinations, as well as lifesaving emergency care.

Children’s healthcare

Our focus is on malnutrition and paediatric care. We support a therapeutic feeding program, outpatient and inpatient paediatric services and emergency room at the Mudug regional hospital in North Galkayo, and the maternity and paediatric wards of the regional hospital in Baidoa.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and other health organisations, MSF is developing a proposal on outbreak preparedness and response to support communities in southern Somalia. However, the scope of our activities depends not only on what we identify as necessary and feasible, but on the acceptance, facilitation and active support we receive from the authorities and the communities in which we work.

MSF will assess locations for future projects based on needs, feasibility and the ability to secure the presence of international staff alongside Somali staff.


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